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About us


Babywearing is for everyone, and I’m here to help you navigate the choices

There are lots of reasons to carry our children;

it helps with bonding

it helps children feel secure and loved

it can help reduce instances of postnatal depression

it frees up our hands

the cuddles are nice

…I could go on

Ultimately, we are a carrying species.

It can be really overwhelming and bewildering to look through all the sling options available today. I want to help parents and caregivers make the right choices when it comes to baby carrying.

Ruth carrying her 3.5 yr old at Chester Zoo

Remember, slings are like shoes – what fits perfectly on your friend, doesn’t work for you.

There is no best sling, only the best sling for you and your circumstances.

Tandem carrying with a Kahubaby on the front & Lenny Lamb Preschool on the back
Name change

Chorlton Sling Library is now Bundlebees

Bundlebees used to be Chorlton Sling Library, and previous even to that, Chorlton Sling and Social.

Things change and move on. Our customers don’t just come from Chorlton, Bundlebees serves parents and caregivers from Didsbury to Stretford, Sale to Hulme, West Didsbury to Urmston.

The service has expanded to include 1:1 consultations alongside sling hire, and will soon be offering retail of slings.


What my customers say

“We had a 30 minute consultation with Ruth to advise on best ways to carry out toddler in my pregnancy. She offered solutions based on the slings we already have and advised on a different solution which we hired. Booking/paying was easy. Ruth was really friendly and we really valued her expertise.”


“…Ruth is a baby-carrying guru, full of tips and tricks for all different ways of baby wearing at all ages. We left full of confidence and with a rented carrier that ticked all our boxes….
…The whole thing is such a good idea and saves any unnecessary costs on products that aren’t right for you…”