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What’s the best sling?

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I get asked this question a lot, which is understandable given my line of work. But it’s a bit like asking “what’s the best shoes?” Well, what would your answer be? Presumably a lot more questions likeWhat do you need them for?What size are your… Read More »What’s the best sling?

Name Change

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Bundlebees – Formerly Chorlton Sling Library So why the name change? Well Chorlton Sling Library originally started off as Chorlton Sling and Social back in 2015. It was set up primarily as a social meet for new parents in Chorlton to meet and chat about… Read More »Name Change

Hello Manchester

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I’m Ruth, the person behind Bundlebees. I have 2 daughters; the eldest born in 2017 and the youngest in 2019. Both have been carried in slings since they were a few days old.  My first carrying experience was before I became a mum myself as… Read More »Hello Manchester

Babywearing Safety

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Keeping your baby safe while carrying in slings It is really important when we wear our babies in slings that they are safe. There are occasionally reports of babies suffocating in slings and nearly all these instances could have been avoided if safety guidelines had… Read More »Babywearing Safety